#sexypantsarestrongerthancancer - Support ParaNoire Design!


As maybe all of you know, I LOVE ParaNoire Design. The little I own by her and nearly everything she makes and designs is resonating with my taste. Also, my dear Eva is one of the best people in the world, awesome, funny, fierce, beautiful, strong - and she is currently undergoing chemotherapy to fight cancer.

When she closed her Etsy Shop until further notice due to these apparent health reasons I know a lot of people were shocked and wanted to help - but how? Eva now has had an awesome idea how she will be able to come back to designing and sewing: We proudly present the surprise pants packages!

ParaNoire Support Package
ParaNoire Support Package

Under the pretty self explaining name #sexypantsarestrongerthancancer ParaNoire Design you can now buy a pair of pants in feminine*, masculine* or 1-2 pants in feminine* "minimal fabric ok" option. I think it's very considerate of enbies to include these options! 
You will receive your surprise style knickers from June onward, as she will start shipping all the new surprise pants in June. This gives her the time to work on the knickers and slowly start easing into sewing again. She's still in chemo, but she's apparently a superhuman cyborg because even during chemotherapy and with a broken toe she's still going to her crossfit workout routines. Well. Cyborg, right?
As always you choose your size by simply measuring your widest hip measurement - so it's easy to order internationally!

oh, and did I mention that she offers free trackable international delivery with these?

Long story short: You wanna support Eva, want to own awesome pretty gorgeous knickers, and have 25€ to spare? Then this is exactly for you.

I'm still considering which ones to buy - I think I'll settle for the masculine* option because why not! #queerpride

Dear Eva, I wish you ALL the best, a speedy recovery and hope you will sew all the great knickers for all the great people,
because everyone deserves to feel as special as I do when wearing ParaNoire Design <3

xoxo denocte