OH MY GOD NIPPLE or talking about the weather

It's been a while since I last ranted about sth, so please take a seat, get a nice glass of a chilled drink of your choice and I'd love to have a discussion with you!

Here in Austria we've got a hot summer. A very hot summer. The hottest summer in history, and this weekend there will be new record highs. At the moment (it's 5pm) it's 37°C outside and whilst I'm writing this I'm sitting in a garden chair in the shadow of some trees in a garden.
The temperatures were rising and rising, and this heatwaves is really taking tolls (there already are deaths reported due to the heat and the fatal incidents whilst swimming are increasing).
A lot of people (including me) try to spend some time at the nearby lakes, trying to cool down in the (very warm) water. Or spending time outside, walking through some alleys, having ice cream with friends.
And when you go out in the evening it's still hot.
It's hot when you wake up, it's hot when you go to bed, it's hot during the night.

So, why am I talking about the weather?
Because with this hot weather comes a whole bunch of (clothing) problems you face as a woman*.
Because somehow the rules for men* and women* are VERY different and I am just SICK OF IT.

it's HOT. at the moment I'm sitting in the garden in a pair of swimknickers, and that's it. I don't care about going topless in my own garden, even if there are neighbours who MIGHT see me.
a) if they don't like it, just don't look
b) if I were a boy, nobody would even look twice.

But somehow, because I'm considered female society wants me to wear more clothes than men do.

Same goes for everyday wear. Boys can wear shorts and some muscle shirts.
I wear shorts and muscle shirts and often get dirty looks - because I'm supposed to wear a bra. Preferrably a bra that's lined so noone can see my nipples. And preferrably a bra that's invisible under clothing, because whilst I HAVE TO wear a bra noone should SEE that I wear a bra because... because NO IDEA WHY.  But it seems that I should hide every ounce of breast and boob and bra. Because I'm a girl. Let's just remember. I'm a very smallbusted girl. Most of the time, my boobs don't hurt when going braless. Wearing bras in this weather is INSANELY hot, cause it's an additional tight set of clothing. So, if I wear a bra in this heat when I'm going grocery shopping, fetching some ice cream or whatever it's literally uncomfortable - but well, again - SOMEONE might see nipples through my shirt!

And god beware, I mean, who would want to see that? That would be proof that I'm... well, WHAT exactly does it proove? That I'm female? nope. Pretty much ALL people have nipples, fyi. Hm. So, WHY are people so damn uncomfortable by the sight of a woman's breasts? EVERYONE has them at some point in there life. The human nipple consists of the nipple itself and the areola and comes in a lot of sizes and shapes.


By Bebop7 (Own work) [via Wikimedia Commons
By yasemehaolvidado (originally posted to Flickr as _MG_1115) [via Wikimedia Commons

So, just to be clear. One of these pictures is deemed "indecent" in public, or, to be more specific: even a HINT that these nipple exist can be seen as "wrong".

Hmm. So. let's get to the point again.

men* have nipples. women* have nipples. they can be erogenous zones for all sexes. Both were originally designed to provide nutrition for a baby (which is, btw, SO COOL and the reason that breastfeeding is probematic in public in a lot of countries is a topic for another rant). Pretty natural, huh? But somehow, if my nipples can be seen through my shirt, it's "wrong". Even if my nipples are the one that could one time breastfeed a child, but male nipples can't - they are more or less here for "deco" and "arousal" - so, it's totally logic to ban the natural nipples, right? because, female nipples are sex objects and male aren't? DO YOU SEE WHERE I'M GOING? this just doesn't make ANY sense.


There was a huge uproar about a song Amanda Palmer (Amanda Fucking Palmer, performance artist and awesome person. I respect her. a lot.) wrote in response to an article in the Daily Mail.
It's about a "wardrobe malfunction" (blargh), a "nipplegate" and the complete idiocy of society indoctrinating on women what to wear. Please check the song and the blog article out!

It's my birthday soon and I went out with some friends yesterday evening, so I got to wear a new shirt I made. (edit: Like the shirt? MAKE ONE YOURSELF!) I printed a shirt with some lines from the "Dear Daily Mail" Song, accessorized it with  jeans shorts, an attitude and a lot of glitter.

And of course, NO bra. I'm not here to make you feel comfortable and safe in your patriarchic system. So you have to deal with ME, thighs touching, acne, glitter - and yes, nipples. Because, who knew! I have got two of those.

blah blah blah feminist blah blah blah gender shit blah blah blah


I'm tired of the double standards in dressing. And this is just a tiny tiny example, it's just one I have to think about a lot atm. Because, well, it's not going to be any cooler the next few days.

If I want to go to the beach topless, I want to be able to do that. I just don't understand the problem. It's MY choice, I have to be responsible for my suncare ;) and it's not hurting anyone. Why are we even talking about this?
If I want to not wear a bra this summer (which I btw totally am, this heat is just insane) then I'm very sorry (except no I'm not) but you will have to suffer from getting a glimpse of a nipple through my shirt. Does it hurt you? no. Does this mean I want to hump you? NO. Does this mean I'm open for any uninvited and non consensual coming on to me? NO.

It just means one thing: Today I choose to not wear a bra.

And I'm not obliged to even tell you reasons.