The Lingerie Games - The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword

When you play the Game of Unders you win or die, there is no middleground.

Or, in our case, you play or look nice or just do both. I vote both. Welcome to a new inter-blog-series, called "The Lingerie Games - a Game of Unders"! What started as a twitter conversation between @undertheunders, @pixelpantsplay and @undiegamer about Lingerie and Video Games will now be a series on different blogs about lingerie and gaming.
And to start it all, we all chose a video game we love and try to match nice undies to the characters or features of the game!

Since I'm currently re-playing The Legend of Zelda - Skyward Sword I chose it as my first game for my first post in this series!

You all may know me from posing awkwardly in some bras or knickers. But there's also the Denocte version that plays Zelda at 3am in the morning in leopard print pajamas. Yep, I know how to party.

denocte plays zelda
denocte plays zelda

So, when you think of The Legend of Zelda, there are some recurring characters. There's Link and Zelda of course, but also Impa.
In this blogpost I'll choose some nice undies that are practical and pretty for a life as a video game character.

Link and his oh shit face
Link and his oh shit face

Well, we all know Link, don't we? Green clad, doesn't talk much. Does very nice shocked face impressions. Link is always in a hurry and trying to stab, shoot or escape the bad guys, so Link's undies for sure need to be practical and made for high impact training.
This calls for a nice but comfortable sports bra!
Also you don't need any knickers that slip down your butt or string tangas hiding in your buttcrack when saving hyrule, right? So I chose a nice pair of comfy shorts.

panache-sport-wired-sports-bra-5021-short-5024-black-57519.jpg by Panache

Panache Sports in black, sizes 28-40 D-GG for 38GBP via figleaves

Cecilia Secret Agent Silver
Cecilia Secret Agent Silver by Who Made Your Pants?

"Secret Agent Silver" pants by whomadeyourpants?, sizes UK 8-18, for 18GBP

The lovely Zelda
The lovely Zelda

Zelda the chosen maiden of the goddess will wear a nice little layer of lace beneath her clothes - gorgeous but comfortable enough to help when having to run away, hide from bad guys and of course fight evil spirits.
The pretty lace bra is youthful but pretty and gives great support while the cotton bloomers add just a perfect layer of protection. Chub-rub or chafing from riding her bird should be no problem with these bloomers!

Lucy Balconnet Bra
Lucy Balconnet Bra by Cleo by Panache

Lucy by Cleo by Panache, 28-38 D-J, 25GBP on figleaves

Urban Pirate Bloomers
Urban Pirate Bloomers by ParaNoire Design

Bloomers by ParaNoire Design, hip width 82-134cm and custom sizes, 49€ on etsy

Impa and Zelda
Impa and Zelda

Impa is a true warrior. She's as deadly as she is beautiful and so is her underwear. The upcycled kimono bra with strappy details is her little private armour underneath, and in the garter shorts she'll always have another knife handy at her thighs.

Sayuri Kimono bra
Sayuri Kimono bra by Karolina Laskowska

Sayuri kimono bra by Karolina Laskowska, available in UK4-12, 130GBP

Daniela brief
Daniela brief by Karolina Laskowska

Daniela brief by Karolina Laskowska, available in S-L, soon to be released


What do you think of my choices?
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xoxo denocte