#diversityinlingerie: guest post

Denocte: I met a wonderful person on tumblr some time ago and when we found out we're both bra nerds we connected even more! She put up a post about #DiversityInLingerie on her sidetumblr and I am happy to share it here on my main blog too! Posting this via http://spookycurvesahead.tumblr.com


So I’m not a lingerie blogger, or a really serious blogger of any kind, but there’s social media movement going on right now in regards to the sort of models used to advertise for lingerie companies and it’s one that I can totally get behind.

To quote directly from the blog that initiated this social media movement: “It’s extremely rare to see women of color, older women, women with disabilities, women with tattoos, women with scars/stretch marks or women with the wrong body types*. - Braless in Brazil

As a consumer of lingerie I can not agree more. What you see in the industry is almost always what you expect to see. Perfect, tanned, toned, and beautiful. While I am not saying those women who have this wonderful attributes should not be modeling lingerie, I am saying that a broader range of diversity in models chosen could be a beautiful thing.  

I know as a more alternative/spooky tomboy I’ve always had a hard time identifying with brands that make lingerie in my size. I’m not very girly and the extremely feminine aesthetic of most lingerie models currently being used has been hard to relate too as a result. The selfish consumer in me would would love to see models I can relate with more physically.

So what else would I love to see in the way of Diversity in Lingerie? The answer is broad and wide. I want to see more PoC, more realistic body types (including plus size women who don’t still have an hourglass figure), I want to see women with body modifications, with brightly colored hair, with flat butts, with pale skin, with scars, birthmarks and freckles galore!  

I want to see beautiful women in every shape and size and variation. We are beautiful creatures and what is beautiful about us is how different we all are. 

Special thanks to Denocte over at Kurvendiskussionen for encouraging me to participate in the movement, and sorry I’m a bit late in the game. 

Better late than never!