[Review] ParaNoire Design ALEXA - Khaleesi has a birthday coming up!

ALEXA Khaleesi
ALEXA Khaleesi

Birthday shenanigans and Discount Code!

Hi lovelies, my birthday is coming up this weekend! And there's a new season of Game of Thrones out. Are you watching? I'm rooting for the dragons. May the dragons reign and kill all humans. 

So what better to celebrate my birthday: Marvel at the glorious costumes of Game of Thrones, show you one of my new fav knickers because DRAGONS AND give you a discount code for them!

If you want to celebrate my birthday with me you can save 29% on your ParaNoire Design order: just enter the Promo Code LIZ29 in their etsy store for 29% off! Also, guess how old I'm turning? ;)

As many of you know I'm often working with ParaNoire Design when it comes to helping out with social media or being a voice of reason ("buy the new shiny fabric? - yes buy the shiny" - OK maybe I'm more an enabler) and a fit model for them.

Leo Leo Lace Kitty
Leo Leo Lace Kitty - custom bralet set

I recently got the chance to try the new ALEXA knickers in the limited edition "Khaleesi" colourways and they are sooooo soft that I'm still in awe! I've already tried a lot of the different ParaNoire Design cuts and so far I've never been disappointed. The bralets work lovely for smaller busts and the knickers are available in a huge sizing range leaving no bum uncovered!

ALEXA Khaleesi
ALEXA Khaleesi

Fit notes

I got the ALEXA knickers in my usual ParaNoire size, 98cm, and they are spot on sizewise. You order the knickers going after your widest bum measurement, which is in my case 99cm. The ALEXA features a cheeky cut on the bum and a simple low cut front with an unusual geometrical insert - being an amateur seamstress I have to say I marvel at the accuracy of that triangle tip! In super stretch jersey! Teach me queen!
The wide elastic trim used on waist and legline has a nice dim shimmer and is super soft without cutting into your soft bits. More like a hug. A baby dragon hug. The geometrical cut works perfectly with the subdued and soft shades of the scales fabric. It's like, a baby dragon fresh out of it's eggshell  - not yet big and threatening but tiny and super soft with shimmering scales in the sunlight.

ALEXA Khaleesi
ALEXA Khaleesi

I want more scales on my underwear. Scales are awesome. Usually I used to associate weights and dieting with scales, but now scales = dragons which is honestly so much cooler. 

The ALEXA Khaleesi edition comes in two colourways: rosewood (what I'm wearing) and vanilla/cream. The subdued colourways also work great as "nude" lingerie for light and darker skin if you want to be an undercover dragoness! A friend of mine recently ordered the other colourway and it looks just as lovely in person.

The soft shades work great if you're a pastel lover like me (yes, I'm a bad bad evil trve goth. I like pastels). The fabrics are super soft and thin which makes them really comfortable to wear but please note that you need to be careful to not ruin them with sharp fingernails - or cat (dragon?) claws! I also noticed that, due to the really soft fabric, the knickers are not forgiving to hide any shaving stubbles. Tiny super short hairs peek right through.

ALEXA Khaleesi
ALEXA Khaleesi

Oh, you're wondering what's on my boob? Glad you asked! It's a sticker from the Segelrebellen - a non profit organization doing sailing trips with young (adult) cancer patients. They took my dear Eva sailing a couple times now and it gave her soooo much joy so be sure to check their organization out! 

ALEXA Khaleesi
ALEXA Khaleesi

Have you tried any ParaNoire Design lingerie recently? How did you like the fit! And - rosewood or vanille, what would be your choice? 

xoxo denocte 


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