Kickstarter: Flimsymoon Lingerie: Nymphs and Faeries

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There are a lot of kickstarters going on these days. But you really should check out this lovely girl and her idea!

Freyia Lilian - Flimsymoon

Freyia Lilian Porteous is the designer and creative director behind her brand "Flimsymoon" and is currently launching her kickstarter to produce her first range of sizes! And isn't the name really fitting? Her designs are aerial and remind me of old fairytales.

She describes her inspiration like this:
My debut collection Kiss me under flimsymoon explores notions of female sexuality as typified by the heroines of the Romantic Ballet movement. Coy, flirtatious and playful, with a touch of ladylike elegance, the collection evokes the nymphs and otherworldly women in these stories.

I think her project is really well planned as you can see on her kickstarter plan. If her kickstarter succeeds, 25% of pledges 1-10 they can choose to donate 25% to 28 too many, an NGO fighting against female genital mutilation.

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With the money from the kickstarter Freyia will be able to produce her designs in a small sizing range. But it's important to her to be very inclusive with their sizing range in the future, as she is very "pro body positivity".

We believe lingerie should adore and adorn the female form. We actively reject the notion of constricting the body, moulding it, pushing it, flattening it. Instead, our garments are cut to allow freedom of movement, to drape on the skin effortlessly.

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The bras will have an adjustable band (tie it with a bow in the back) and will, at first, come in sizes A-D. Asking more about the cupsizing, Freyia answers:

Regarding the bras, I am in the process of redeveloping them. I need the Kickstarter budget so I am able to produce the samples though. They currently have an adjustable band, so they will fit between a 30 and 38 measurement. The cup sizes are just guides. I would recommend people to try them on to see which is the best fit. One of the reasons I have no offered them as pledge gifts on the Kickstarter. They are intended to be pretty and visual, for the boudoir, but not to be worn under any strenuous situation (such as popping to the shops) or to sculpt the breasts. They are more a bikini top or bralet than a structural piece of lingerie. These too I hope to expand on.

If you like delicate lingerie and don't mind the lack of support a regular bra gives you, why not check out her kickstarter! With your help, she can produce the sample sizing range and make some nymphs and faeries happy.

Would you wear Flimsymoon? What's your favourite

xoxo denocte

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