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Austrian Girl

Hi everyone, so nice to see you're still here!

I love that although this main blog has hit a dry spell I know that you are still here, waiting for updates. And today I'm happy to say that, yes I'm still here too! I made a big decision a while ago to quit my job and start working somewhere else - which means going from a very intense workload to a regular 40hrs week. And I can - not - wait.

I have so many plans for this blog, for my life, for you! It will be glorious. 

I promise you, it will be worth waiting till summer because I have some awesome projects in the pipeline!

So long, why don't you head over to my instagramtwitter or facebook - where I am still talking, rambling and posting about lingerie a lot? Hope to see you there!

And to give you some lingerie candy, I'll just repost a few of my instagram pics so you can see what I've been up to the last weeks, so click on to see some of my most beloved treasures:

The Underpinnings Museum - Of Space Suits and Lingerie


The Underpinnings Museum - no people in space without our underpinnings, who knew! It was the craftsmanship of lingerie seamstresses and company Playtex who built the first space suits. Didn't know that? Me neither - until I watched the video pitch for the super awesome kickstarter that started today: The Underpinnings Museum.

Their kickstarter describes it like this:
As frivolous as it may seem on the surface, underwear plays a pretty important role in people's lives. Documentation of lingerie in the larger world of fashion isn't as extensive as other areas, and it is important to document these beautiful objects for the future. These delicate garments are a finite resource that cannot last forever: in many instances, century old silk is already fragile and beginning to shatter. The online museum offers a perfect platform to record these items before they succumb to the ravages of time."

[Review] Fairytales by Angela Friedman


I owe you this review for over half a year. I've been a bad blogger. BUT I'm super active on social media, I recently also caved and joined instagram - come find me at @kurvendiskussionen over there! - and I am now officially a facebook person too. So, yay?

Anyway, after my short and super awesome holiday in London - which deserves its own blogpost - I'm motivated to write ALL the things. So I'm starting with reviewing this darling set i bought last year from Angela Friedman's Fairytale by AF line!

Angela Friedman makes gorgeous luxurious lingerie in her studio in North Carolina (which, btw, if you sign in to her Newsletter you get 10% off on your first order. You're welcome.) and besides making her high price works of art she also launched a lower budget and super cute line - Fairytales by AF. The Fairytales line is super pastel, super frilly, super fun, super girly, super cute. The Fairytales Line is available via her website and also her etsy store.

Last Minute Lingerie - Kleine Unternehmerinnen groß leerkaufen


Falls ihr es noch nicht bemerkt haben solltet, in nicht mal mehr zwei Wochen ist schon Weihnachten. Das heißt, falls ihr heuer noch Unterwäsche als Geschenk besorgen wollt wird's wirklich ziemlich knapp jetzt! Aber keine Angst, ich hab dafür einen supertollen #giveyourmoneytowomen Last-Minute-Lingerie Blogpost vorbereitet: Beinhaltet all meine kleinen Lieblingsshops die Gutscheine führen, die meisten auch direkt per Mail, also super schnell erhältlich sind!

Ich konzentriere mich hier auf Geschäfte und tolle Menschen die ich kenne und schätze und ich möchte euch vorschlagen, statt aus Überforderung vor lauter Auswahl einfach irgendein random Stück Wäsche vom H&M der Wäscheliebhaberin in der Familie oder Freundeskreis zu schenken diesmal einen Gutschein von einer dieser tollen Marken, Shops oder Geschäften zu schenken! Alles kickass Frauen die diese kleinen Firmen besitzen.


[Review] Karolina Laskowska Ania and Liliana

Karolina Laskowska Liliana Bra

It’s safe to say that Karolina Laskowska is my favourite underwear designer. Ever. In the years I followed her career it was impressive to see how she already started her business while she was still in college and built a brand and name - a force to be reckoned with! Also, from what glimpses I caught of her as a person she just really rocks. And long haired metal chicks are always something good for the world.
When she is not elbow deep in gorgeous lace or vintage kimono silk for her collections she's also seen creating beautiful bespoke pieces. In 2014 she then won the "New Designer of the Year" award of the UK Lingerie Awards, she is a regular columnist for The Lingerie Addict and blogs about lingerie, corsets, vintage underthings and more on her blog Knickerbocker Stories. And her family has quality pics of their dog which totally made my day.

There are rumours that she also sleeps and eats, but I'm not sure whether those are true ;)

I already reviewed one piece by Karolina Laskowska on my blog, many moons ago. Last time it was a sample piece bra of her pre-college era.
This time I’m proud to be able to show you one whole set and a bra, after college era, and I can say MIND BLOWN.

[Review] ParaNoire Design "Leo Leo Lace"

Leo Leo Lace Kitty

Vor einem Monat circa habe ich ein verlängertes Wochenende im ParaNoire Design Hauptquartier verbringen dürfen, und heute gibts endlich die Review von dem super niedlichen Set das sie während meines Aufenthaltes für mich gemacht hat!
Den rosa leo stretch tüll habe ich schon eine ganze Weile her gekauft und mir daraus ein paar kleine Accessoires gemacht, aber die ganze Zeit dachte ich schon daran wie nett nicht ein Wäscheset daraus wäre - darum habe ich den Stoff kurzerhand mit auf die #bracation genommen. Eva und ich haben dann gemeinsam entschieden, was für Schnitte wir (sie) verwenden und dann hat Evi ein zuckersüßes Bralet Set für mich gezaubert! Das set wird eventuell so ähnlich auch mal als limited edition im Shop erhältlich sein, ich habe den restlichen Stoff nämlich Eva geschenkt - für Panty Science!


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